I am a Fairyologist  certified by Doreen Virtue.

I had great fun on this course learning about the fairie and the elemental realms. To be honest I was sceptical about this course but thought why not I believe and have seen angels and spirits ( ghosts) so why should there not be fairies !!!

This course has taught me to connect with the elemental's. The course has helped my work with children and animals greatly. 

The fairies and elementals help us with our environmental work and are here to protect all animals and nature.

I use the fairies with  my holistic healing and have fairy tarot cards to do readings, but be warned they can be right to the point and blunt, but some times we need straight talking.

I am also a Realm Reader. This is a course I took with Doreen Virtue. Being a Realm Reader I am able to help you identify which realm you come from, are you an incarnated Angel, elemental, star person or one of the many other realms & blends ? Discovering which realm you come from can help with your life purpose, personality, relationship style and I believe your health, especially if you are you feeling lost or depressed.