Everything you say during your session is confidential. If I were to have any serious concerns that you or any other person were at risk of serious harm, it may be necessary to break confidentiality to limit any danger. Wherever possible, any concerns would be shared with you and permission sought before anyone else would be contacted.


After having a session of any of the therapies that I offer, you need to take good care of yourself whilst your body, mind and emotions begin to heal.

The energy work that I do is designed to clear the energetic system of unwanted trauma, balance emotions and encourage the body to heal and balance itself. You may go through a detoxifying process after a treatment with me for up to 3 days. Within this cleansing period you may or may not experience some minor symptoms such as tummy rumbles, slight upset tummy, slight headache, a temporary skin rash, a running nose and slight cold symptoms or more perspiration than usual. You may have a desire to rest and/or sleep. Despite these minor symptoms you should feel well and they should be regarded as positive reactions showing that the body is healing itself and should be supported rather than stopped and not suppressed with medications so that these toxins can leave the body in their own way.

Generally clients leave the sessions feeling more relaxed, calm and refreshed, with improved sleep and sense of overall well being.

After your treatment please drink plenty of water and try to relax. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of alcohol and other toxins.

If you have any worries or concerns then please contact me.